Nikola Tesla Had Visions That Led Him To His Inventions

In his books and notes Nikola Tesla said he suffered from flashes of objects that sometimes he could not distinguish between realities. The first flash that he writes about is what leads him to the invention of the AC generator motor. With all of his experimentation with high voltage and current do you think he may have inadvertently or unknowingly sent these images backward in time directly to his brain in the past? And possibly the future? He accurately predicted things we use today like GPS, Satellites, Internet, and Wireless transmission of sound, text and images.

Your ideas are certainly compelling. Unfortunately we know of no direct cause-and-effect relationship between electrical fields and the dimension of time. An intense electromagnetic field might, according to some, cause brain tumors, but not time travel. I am afraid what is here in time – be it people or thoughts – are stuck right here in time. I’m much more comfortable with the notion that Tesla was one of the world’s greatest unsung geniuses.

Energy never dies and is never created. And wherever it is unbalanced, it immediately sets to correct the imbalance. Nikola Tesla’s inventions caused tremendous electromagnetic waves erratically in to our atmosphere, and is likely responsible for some change in weather patterns, then, and the offspring of his brainchild causing it more today I am sure. However, understanding your inquiry, I believe that spontaneous functions of the world likely occurred, in that such a large and only relatively stable concentration of energy in a world’s universe of ecosystems tightly bound by that same energy will cause great works assumed to be in coherence with large concentrations of electromagnetism, such as lightning, telekinesis, Jesus walking on water, etc.

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