Single Source Purchase – the Economics of Buying Indoor Appliances Online

Today no home is complete without a refrigerator, air conditioner, air cleaner, washer, dryer, fans, heater, icemaker and a host of kitchen appliances. The consumer has a diverse choice of products to choose from and virtually all brands of electronics, indoor appliances and state-of-the-art kitchen appliances can be bought online. Ever improving technology is a big component that ensures introduction of the most modern range of appliances every year. It is however very important to research and establish the needs and budget before shopping. A great place to get information on numerous appliances is to check out the relevant websites and forums which feature offers and promotions that consumers cannot get anywhere else.

More and more consumers are finding value and convenience online, especially while searching for home appliances. No doubt shoppers still prefer walk-in stores for bigger appliances but consumers are slowly but surely warming up to the idea of making most of their purchase online.

The best deals though are got by those who purchase all their appliances from one store at the same time. In such a scenario, specialty home appliance stores generally always offer some extra discount.

Most indoor appliances are life-long investments. There are a number of factors which influence consumer decision to shop online:

Better prices are the first big draw to shop online. Online stores are able to offer rebates since the products are sourced directly from the manufacturer or seller without middlemen involved.

Convenience – Online shopping breaks the barriers of time and location. Consumers can make shopping decisions any time of the day, even well past midnight, 24/7. No waiting in line or waiting for a shop assistant to show up.

Free shipping is one of the most popular motivators for consumers. Retailers that offer this option have a clear advantage over competitors. Free shipping has to be backed by a guarantee of safe delivery of products.

Offering price guarantees to match competitors’ prices is a useful tactic and an encouragement to customers especially if they are able to view competitor pricing through a listing on site.

Live support online is an effective tool that helps sell products online and gives superior customer support service.

The availability of user-generated or consumer product reviews are another factor that influences purchasing decisions.

The continued importance of targeted and relevant email marketing cannot be undermined. They are the source of information regarding new products and offers prompting the consumer to make an online purchase.

Today, online prices and selection generally match retail store prices. Consumers are looking for well engineered, energy efficient appliances that deliver durability, performance and a high degree of functionality.

A large percentage of consumers still prefer the traditional, face-to-face service and hands-on experience of buying in a store. However, online shopping is destined to become the obvious choice of consumers, with internet speeds and bandwidth becoming faster. Globally, online sales for all types of products are forecasted to increase greatly. Moreover online retailers are now able to bring down prices, because of little or no overheads involved in online purchase. Websites with a user friendly interface guarantees that customers will have a memorable buying experience while shopping online.

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