Illuminate Your Room with Crystal Chandeliers in Los Angeles

Often associated with wealth, regalia and opulence, people normally find it difficult to believe that crystal chandeliers were meant to facilitate

lighting of rooms during the medieval era. As compared to the spectacular modern chandeliers in Los Angeles, these early structures were rudimentary and

comprised of a number of wooden crosses with protruding spikes to hold candles. The first crystal chandelier is dated as far back as 1150 AD in Europe and it

was but a simple precursor of the intricate, stylish and contemporary crystal chandeliers in Los Angeles which are currently in vogue.

Everyone loves to win the adulation of guests when they first walk into the foyer and there are but a few ways of creating this first memorable impression

than having an impressive chandelier grace the setting. While its sparkles illuminate the room during the night its exquisite intricacy dominates the

ambience during the day. Therefore, it is but natural to shop for crystal chandeliers in Los Angeles and consider traditional designs like ormolus, swag and

pendants. Someone sporting a more contemporary taste can check out the modern chandeliers in Los Angeles too.

Amongst all the crystal chandeliers in Los Angeles, it is the Italian variety named Murano which is bound to catch anyone’s eye as also imagination. Hailing

from the town of Murano in Italy, this chandelier is the true reflection of the glass making factories and traditional art which has been a part of the

town’s culture since as early as the thirteenth century. Unlike the modern chandeliers in Los Angeles, this work of art is characterized by glass interwoven

with golden threads, milk glass and multi-colored layers which are attributed to the incorporation of gold, copper and cobalt compounds.

One of the styles found under the category of contemporary crystal chandeliers is that of wrought iron wherein the style may range over a broad spectrum with

traditional and modern chandeliers in Los Angeles forming boundaries. While it looks elegant by itself it can be combined with Murano or rustic to create an

affect which is both lavish as well as imposing. Examples of such crystal chandeliers in Los Angeles have been found to sport colors like white, red, silver,

black or bronze and there are a plethora of choices in terms of size as well.

With so many choices in case of crystal chandeliers in Los Angeles, any buyer would feel overwhelmed and confused if he is not cognizant with the guidelines

of purchase. One of the most essential factors which determine the selection of a crystal chandelier is the size and height of the room. Equally important is

the exact spot where it would have the maximum impact as also its conformity with the theme of the room. While a crystal chandelier is perfect for a classic

décor, a mini chandelier is perfect for a hallway and modern chandeliers in Los Angeles for a contemporary setting.

Crystal chandeliers in Los Angeles need to be handled and selected with care but another imperative aspect about them pertains to cleaning and maintenance.

The most effective method of cleaning a crystal chandelier is to remove the crystal components, spray them with the cleaning solution and wipe off with a

soft cotton glove. However, care should be taken not to spray the steel fixtures as these are best cleaned with soap and water. Modern chandeliers in Los

Angeles are relatively easier to maintain as frequent dusting on a day-to-day basis suffices to keep them clean.

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