How to Buy a Perfect Car in the State Of Michigan?

No other man-made device has revolutionized the human life, like a car. No other invention satiates man’s esteem like the automobile. A car holds so much importance in our life that everything revolves around it. More than public transportation, it has changed the very private lives of Americans.

When it comes to Michiganders, cars are their passion. Their absolute love for cars has been since 1908 when Henry Ford established the Ford Motor Company. Buying a car gives satisfaction to everyone. It is like fulfilling the American dream. But to feel great joy, you must buy that perfect car. And for it, you need to have perfect information about the entire auto buying process.

There have been several instances when the dealers and lenders have duped the innocuous buyer. Here’s an article to help you get your dream car without falling into the trap of a dubious dealer.

How Will You Foot The Bill?

When you are buying something like a car, you need to chalk a budget. How much you can afford? Will you be able to pay expenses like the registration, title and tax fess?  You will have to fork over for insurance, maintenance and fuel as well.

So, prepare budget before everything else. It will let you know if your car buying decision is correct or not.

Is The New Totally You Or Is The Old Gold For You?

Once you know how much money you are going to spend on the car. It will help you decide the kind of car you want to go for.

If you can come up with a larger down payment, a new car can be your option. A new beauty ensures lesser maintenance cost in the beginning. If the new car smell is not for you, a pre-owned is your answer. While buying a used car, you must do extra research because there are chances of buying a salvaged one.

Always, Knowledge Leads To Perfection
Whenever you want to buy a car, whether it is first or not, it is important that you do a thorough research. Impulsive purchase often leads to dissonance. When you live in the State that witnessed the automobile revolution, you have several ways to judge a car.

Automobile and Car and Driver are published in the backyard of Michigan. You can understand all about cars from the glossy pages of these magazines.

Other than that, ask your friends for a particular car. If you have heard that a particular car model has given trouble to many, avoid it. Also, don’t opt for something that was recalled.

You must at least have two or three car options to select from. This is essential so that you won’t have to make a fresh start if you decide to reject a car.

When you are choosing a used car, make sure you have referred its vehicle title history. You can get it from the Record Lookup Unit. If you don’t have an account with the Unit, you will have to fill a request form. This process may take as long as six weeks so, don’t lose patience. You will be charged $7 for the title transaction. Remember that orange titles are salvage titles.

Other than this, get the Vehicle History Report. It will give you all the information. You will know if the car was ever salvaged, stolen, flooded, etc.

Lemon Can Give You a Sour Experience
I insist on checking the vehicle thoroughly because there are chances of ending up with a lemon. You have to be very careful when it comes to buying a car. Never forget to get expert opinion. The expert in this case is your trusted mechanic.

Your entire car buying process will become fruitless if you choose the wrong car. But if you end up with a lemon, the Michigan State Lemon Law can be of your help. This law is applicable for vehicles leased and purchased in Michigan only after January 1, 2000.

Your car will be considered lemon if it hasn’t been repaired even after four attempts or it has been out of service for thirty days or more.  Also, it is mandatory that the manufacturer is made aware of the defect in writing within one year from the date of delivery or in the period of manufacturer’s warranty; whichever period is shorter. If your car is proved as a lemon, you will get its replacement or refund.

How to Make a Car Your Own, LEGALLY?

When you purchase a car from the dealer, he will do all your work of registration. But if you are getting it from a private party or off the web, you will have to do all the work. You cannot use another car’s plate for your new purchase. You must transfer the title within fifteen days of purchase for there is a late fee of $15. So, do it at the earliest. You can get your work done in an instant by paying $5 instant title fee.

The ideal situation is if you and seller go to the SOS office and get it done. If you are going alone, make sure the seller has completed the title assignment, odometer disclosure statement and signed it.

You can transfer your old license plate to the new car by bringing registration or license plate number with you.  If you plan to buy a new plate, there’s a plethora of options available.

Another important requirement is the Proof of Michigan no-fault insurance.

Once all the formalities are done, SOS office will issue you the registration, license plate and tab. After you put your tab and plate on the car, as required, your flawless beauty becomes yours.

Now that you are equipped with all the knowledge of buying a car, go ahead.

Don’t stop!

All the best!

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