Current Gold Price Per Ounce and Historical Gold Prices

Gold is valuable. We are used to buying gold in the form of gold jewelry, but it is available in many other forms like gold bars, gold bullion, gold coins and gold stocks.

Spot gold is traded in an over the counter market and spot gold price is based on supply and demand. The price known as spot price is the price quoted for gold to be paid for including delivery, two days after the date of the actual transaction or settlement date. The spot prices are fixed in London twice daily for gold.

The amount of gold on the world market is fixed accept for the addition of new gold in the market place through gold mining and gold prospecting.

The value of gold varies depending on the form that it is in. Coins and jewelry require special fabrication so you can expect these to be more expensive than standard gold bars. Gold bars often have service charges for storage and delivery of that gold.

Gold is often viewed as a safe haven in times that are uncertain since it is believed that it can protect the investor from inflation and currency risks. The purchasing power of gold is believed to be safe relative to volatility in currency and stock markets. When confidence in central banks, governments and stock markets occur, gold is viewed as more safe.

Deflation, the underlying crisis during time of economic depressions can also result in heightened gold prices. Gold prices are often viewed as current gold price per ounce or gold price per gram.

Gold coins, are purchased as an investment and also a hobby or interests beyond the investment. Gold coin collections are favored by many investors for both their beauty and enjoyment.

Cash for gold services have become very popular due to the high price of gold. This essentially requires selling old, broken or damaged gold jewelry for the value of its gold.

The price of gold is widely understood to inversely track the dollar. When the dollar lowers, the price of gold tends to increase. The current decline in mine supply has been supplemented by several factors including sustained central bank gold sales. Previously central bankers were acting as a group to reduce their gold holdings as they were confident in the value of their currencies and economies.

Current gold price per ounce is a leading source for gold information including gold mining, gold prices, gold prospecting and gold news.

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