Looking for an awesome case for ipad gaming?

Without a doubt, the best iPad case for the hardcore gamer would be one that looks pretty and doesn’t impede the player’s controls. Of course, I’m not saying that durability and ability to protect your iPad aren’t important! But I’m sure most gamers would agree that they would be prepared to sacrifice a few attributes for the sake of an iPad case that looks awesome.

The only problem here is that it’s genuinely difficult to find many colourful and quirky iPad cases. It seems that most of the best iPad cases are visually rather plain and more suitable for a professional working environment rather than a gamer’s lair. But all hope is not lost! I have come across the best case on the market for today’s gamer that provides everything you’d want – goofy design, bright colours and best of all: nostalgia! Allow me to introduce you to the Headcase Etch A Sketch iPad case.

Being modeled on that famous retro toy design, the Etch A Sketch iPad case is definitely the coolest case in town. Visually, the Headcase design is true to the original toy in that bright red colour with the inclusion of twisty-turny dials and that classic Etch A Sketch font. Don’t let this thick outer casing concern you that it may inhibit access to some of the slots and buttons around the edge of the iPad as they have been accommodated for perfectly. I wouldn’t be telling gamers about a case that takes away any buttons!

So we’ve satisfied the main term of the gamer’s iPad protection needs, but how does this case fair in terms of actually keeping your iPad safe? Well, the answer to that is exceedingly well. Why? Well, for one thing, the case is made out of a reinforced plastic which naturally seals every edge of that delicate iPad construction from those everyday bumps, but also because the case is lined with rubber pads that ensure your iPad doesn’t become scratched from the toughened plastic case itself.

Another big bonus to all you gamers is the foldable arms at the edge of the case. These will allow the user to mount their iPad at an elevated angle when typing, allowing for a much more ergonomic typing experience. No more craning your neck as you hover directly over the flat keys! On a side note, the probability of your iPad being stolen will drop as thieves will now mistake it for a simple children’s toy!

So we’ve essentially concluded that this case is the best case for gamers in the visual department, yet contrary to my initial assumptions, the case actually outperforms other more expensive cases in other areas too. It’s highly protective due to quality build material, it doesn’t inhibit button access and it functions well in providing an angled flat-top gaming experience.

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