Training Courses Offered By Fast Lane

Network Basics

Networking & TCP/IP Fundamentals (NWF)
Troubleshooting TCP/IP Fundamentals (TTCP)
Routing & Switching (RSW)
DNS: Aufbau, Funktionalität, Analyse (DNS)
Netzwerkmanagement mit SNMP (SNMP)
LDAP & Active Directory – Strukturen & Operationen (LDAP)

Data Center & Virtualisation

Virtualization: Concepts, Potentials & Risks (VIRT)
Cloud Computing Overview (CLOUD)
SAN and Storage Fundamentals (SFUN)
Data Center Security Workshop (DCS)
Infrastructure de Data Center (IDC)

Packet Analysis

Packet Analysis with Wireshark Analyzer (PAW)
Advanced Packet Analysis with Wireshark Analyzer (APAW)
Packet Analysis Power Workshop (PAPW)
Optimizing Network Performance with Wireshark (ONPW)
Analysing MS-Windows Networking (AWN)

Multivendor Data Center Training

Implementing Enhanced Secure Multi-tenancy Solutions (IESMT)

Security & Anti-Hacking

IP Security Fundamentals (IPSF)
Portbasierte Authentisierung mit 802.1x (PBA)
Implementing Cisco Secure Access Control System Version 5.2 (ACS) (ACS)
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs): Aufbau sicherer Verbindungen über öffentliche Netze (VPN)
Advanced IPSec (AIPSEC)
Sicherheitsrelevante Problematiken bei Webapplikationen (EHACK)
Voice Anti-Hacking Workshop (VHACK)
WLAN Anti-Hacking Workshop (WHACK)
Malware Inside (MWI)
IT-Forensik (ITF)
Advanced IT-Forensik (AITF)
Check Point CCSA and CCSE R75 Power Workshop (CPPW)
SPAM Problematik, Erkennung & Abwehr (SPAM)
DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

Voice / NGN

VoIP Überblick & Konzepte (VOIPK)
VoIP in Enterprise and Service Provider Networks (VOIP)
Unified Communications: Cisco VoIP Solutions & Microsoft Office Communication Server (OCS) Integration (UCCMS)
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
Next Generation Networks (NGN)
Signaling System 7 (SS7) Grundlagen (SS7)
Triple Play & IPTV (IPTV)
Telekommunikation & Migration zu VoIP (TMV)

Communications & Services

MPLS Grundlagen und Einsatzszenarien (MPLSG)
IPv6 Fundamentals & Troubleshooting (IPV6)


Cisco EnergyWise Workshop (EWF)
Cisco EnergyWise for Admins (EWADMIN)


Nagios Administration (NAG1)
Nagios Advanced Administration (NAG2)
Nagios Expert Training (NAGE)

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