Welcome to the Wonderful World of Kitty White

There is one cat that nearly every child—and for that matter, a great deal of adults—know better than any other cat in the world, and that is Kitty White. Now, the name Kitty White may be unfamiliar to you, but when you know that she has a nickname, and that her nickname is Hello Kitty, you probably know exactly who we are talking about. That’s right, the cute Japanese character with the funky little bow in her hair.

Millions, if not billions, of little girls (- actually, are there a billion little girls in the world? Probably not, but there are a great many nonetheless) love this little kitten. Many dream of owning a Hellokitty doll, or purse, or handbag, quilt set, cushion, puzzle, etc. Hellokitty merchandise sells across the globe, and this surely tells you about the popularity of our favorite kitten. When you see the Hello Kitty collection, you won’t be surprised at her popularity; she’s very, very, cute and cuddly.

Although Hello Kitty was conceived in Japan, she was actually born in England. Many people don’t realize this, but rather, think that she emigrated from Japan at a later date. Although Kitty is only about five years old, she was born in 1974. Now, this might sound bizarre, but she’s a cartoon character and so is allowed to defy the laws of life. Her creators, the Sanrio Company in Japan, have created a whole world for kitty, she has an extensive family, inducing her twin sister Mimi, she has friends, she goes to school, she goes shopping, she plays in the park, and she rides her tricycle. In short, Kitty has an active and varied life, and this makes her a fantastic role model for children of the modern world.

Sanrio has taken the pains to cultivate a full and functional backstory for Kitty. She lives with her parents, George and Mary, her grandparents, simple Grandpa and Grandma, and her twin sister Mimi. You can tell Mimi and Kitty apart by the bow in their hair: Mimi wears hers on her right ear, Kitty her on her left. She has a best friend, and his name is Daniel, but she doesn’t get to see him much these days as his parents moved him to Africa – a sad day, but they looked on the positive side, he visits from time to time, and she can always take a low-cost holiday in Africa. Kitty has other friends too, whom she met in school, but none quite match up to Daniel just yet.

The Hello Kitty craze has exploded in recent years and you can find her merchandise across the world. She’s come a very long way from her humble beginning in Japan. She can be found on merchandise as diverse as cars, guitars, clothing, jewelry, bags, purses, and much, much, much, much more. In fact, she is one of the most famous characters in history, and if you haven’t heard of her, then you must be an alien!

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