Acquiring your window blind fitted

Though fitting a window blind may seem to individuals who are DIY minded a simple activity – and realistically for many it can be – there are actually generally these of us who really never have the DIY capabilities and are daunted by the prospect of possessing to utilize of drill to match even an typical window with a thing like this. Or maybe that you are one of people who do not possess the time and inclination to fit them yourselves. Following a get in touch with from a current consumer I wanted to warn people who fall into these categories to verify a few key points when choosing someone to fit your window blind.

Before buy verify the surface you hope to repair the blind to. Does it seem to become appropriate, and may the blind only repair in to the leading or front of your window, as you’ll need to make sure the blind you obtain can be fixed the way essential, i.e. front, major or could be fitted either way. For anyone who is unsure, it could be worth asking the individual fitting it to take a look for you personally and assess your window when giving a fitting quote. You might often take some pictures of your window with you when getting to acquire tips.

Blinds are essentially easy to match, even when the window region needs repairing or additional function in an effort to safely fit the blind. Any time you are asking for fitting quotes it is best to allow around 20 – 30 minutes per blind depending on the size and style of blind, and ask for preparation time for you to be detailed separately, or to become created conscious of just how much time was spent on preparation if the fitter is unable to tell you until the day. With no preparation an skilled DIY enthusiast or fitter should really full a blind fitting conveniently in beneath this quantity of time.

Verify if you’ll find travel costs to become paid on major of fitting or any other charges for items such as preparation, screws, brackets or removal of waste packaging, and no matter whether there’s a minimum charge.

If you are asking to get a huge quantity of window blinds to become fitted you will need to let time for comfort or meal breaks when checking the time it should really take.

In the event the retailer doesn’t give a fitting service, do they have somebody they propose or use as this may perhaps at the very least imply the person might have encounter of coping with their window blind variety.

The buyer who sparked me to write this was asked to spend for any full days fitting for what in my estimation must have taken a maximum of three hours – even with breaks and simple window preparation (of which there was none expected.) On the other hand, the fitter did spend a fantastic deal of time on his mobile out in the garden and looking at the blinds but not genuinely carrying out something with them. The buyer was disputing the bill, as the particular person who sold him the blinds I was keen to make sure I supplied my help and that he wasn’t taken advantage of.

Don’t forget, as with all items, its usually only a tiny minority of disreputable tradesmen who spoil issues, having said that, it really is greater to check these factors out in advance to produce sure you realize what you will be getting, and what you’ll be able to anticipate when you ask to get a window blind to be fitted.

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