Nice features of Samsung galaxy s5

The advancement of smart technology sees smart phones and smart gadgets in nearly every house and every pocket. There are so many different models of smart phones available to choose from and it is only natural that we are confused at what to choose because we are spoilt for choice. Some of these phones come with unique features that give them an edge over others in the way they help people with their daily routine.

These applications and features can be put to use by nearly everybody, from helps school and college students with their education to freelancers who need help to be productive. Some of these really cool features are available in the Samsung galaxy s5. The google android OS, which is the operating system present on this phone is a platform that supports a wide range of highly effective applications. The main advantage of the android OS is that the applications are easily and almost always freely available for anyone with an android phone. The platform makes for easy selection and installation with a very effective app review system.

What is so unique about the Samsung galaxy s5?

As mentioned above, this phone comes with some really cool features. Some of its features are listed below.

  • The cell phone is customizable based on your preferences. You can allow yourself to make a call without having to unlock the phone. This feature can be used by people who drive regularly and hence have to make calls in tiny time intervals.
  • The amount of data and media on our phones can make things confusing, finding some of the lesser used applications, tools etc. on the phone can be difficult and annoying. The galaxy s5 comes with a solution for this with an additional feature called the ‘sfinder’, which makes searching for any item on the phone easier. It also shows similar results on the web.
  • Pairing the phone with the car system is a breeze with the galaxy s5. There is an option called ‘car mode’ in the settings, which instantly pairs the device with the car for convenient messaging, calling, navigating, playing music etc.. All this can be done through a voice command, as this option also works through a voice controlled interface. This drastically reduces the risk of accidents due to the cell phone while driving.
  • Another feature of the galaxy s5 is the ‘download booster’, which helps download large files (greater than 40mb) at a faster speed. This feature uses both wifi and the LTE option on the phone, boosting downloads from the web or app store.
  • The ultra-power saving mode option enhances the battery life of the phone. This is a critical feature for people who cannot or do not recharge the battery on a daily basis, making sure that there is something left for when it is necessary.


The Samsung galaxy s5 is a very good buy for and people who are on the lookout for new phones should consider this well because the price tag is more than justified by the features and performance of this phone.  Read cricket wireless reviews to get the best inputs.

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