You can still win Pradaxa lawsuit settlements

When a life-saving drug turns into a life-threatening drug the result can be deadly. Such is the story of Pradaxa, a prescribed blood thinning medicine. In October 2010, the German pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim had come out with a medicine that minimized risk of heart attack, had fewer side effects compared to Warfarin and required less maintenance, so the unfortunate patients thought. However, within two years of its launch, Pradaxa had claimed 542 lives in the US where the drug had achieved much popularity. Ever since, there had been many claims for Pradaxa lawsuit settlements filed by families of people who suffered from the ill effects. The manufacturer ultimately had to spend millions of dollars in Pradaxa lawsuit payouts.

Warfarin had been a standard medication for anticoagulant treatment for many years for patients who ran a risk of heart-related ailments that are aggravated by formation of blood clots. Warfarin treatment however was not simple and required frequent blood tests and doctor visits, dietary restrictions apart from the usual side effects. Pradaxa was a welcome relief as it was easy to administer and did not demand much supervision. Treatment with both the drugs however had a common risk – internal bleeding. But, Warfarin had an antidote which could induce blood clotting, Pradaxa had none. Administering Vitamin K antidote, which helps in blood clot, would have no effect on patients taking Pradaxa, thus increasing the risk of internal bleeding and even death. This deficiency that the drug had soon lead to fatality and over a period of time there were about 4000 Pradaxa lawsuit settlements pending in the US courts. Ultimately Boehringer Ingelheim agreed to Pradaxa lawsuit payout of $650 million to settle the lawsuits.

The most common reason behind filing of lawsuits was uncontrolled bleeding. Other causes were misrepresentation of safety aspects by the manufacturer and inadequate information on dosage. Pradaxa disturbs the natural blood clotting mechanism in the body and therefore even a minor cut can magnify into a serious medical incidence. That the medical fraternity was unable to come out with a remedy for this condition was the major reason behind most of the Pradaxa lawsuit settlements. Claims were filed in several state courts like in California, Delaware and Missouri. All the claims were consolidated into MDL or multidistrict litigation in August 2012. The German manufacturer agreed in the month of May 2014 to fund the necessary Pradaxa lawsuit payout that would cover all the litigations.

The gesture from Boehringer Ingelheim eliminated all the concern and unpredictability that the long-drawn legal processes usually go through. The company also announced that it was already trying to develop a proper antidote to prevent excessive bleeding. The MDL status of the litigation also ensured that victims could still lay claim even after the Pradaxa lawsuit settlements had been announced. So, if someone in your family has suffered from the side effects, you can still seek compensation. There are reputed personal injury lawyers whom you can contact who will not charge you unless they win an indemnification for you. The Pradaxa lawsuit payout can cover all your medical expenses and related travel and a compensation for any disability and pain suffered.
If your loved ones have suffered from Pradaxa ill effects you can claim Pradaxa lawsuit settlements. Approach a lawyer who can help you win a handsome Pradaxa lawsuit payout that will compensate for the expenses made and the sufferings your family had to go through.

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