Timothy Hay is essential for your rabbit’s growth

In the last few years, the popularity of rabbits as family pets has been markedly on the rise. Rabbits can be wonderful pets. They are lovely and cute, interactive but not at all demanding like cats or dogs. Also, they make no disturbing or loud noises. In addition, rabbits can be easily trained too. However, if you love rabbits and are thinking of getting one as a pet, you should be well aware of its staple diet. For rabbits, Timothy Hay has been proved to be a healthy and nutritious food. You should only use reputed brands like Timothy or Oxbow rabbit food that are known to be rich in nutrition.

Benefits of giving your rabbit Timothy Hay
According to experts, the food supplement is essential in fostering the natural growth and health of a rabbit. Rabbits are mostly quite vulnerable creatures. They tend to fall ill very easily. That is why it is necessary to take all the precautions to maintain their proper health. Feeding your rabbit with Timothy grass is beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, it contains the vital elements such as protein, calcium and fibre in the right proportion. This helps keeping your pet’s digestive system in a good and consistent state. Oxbow rabbit food is manufactured very carefully and comes in different flavours.

If your rabbit does not get the necessary amount of fibre intake, it can harm its health severely. Lack of essential nutrients will cause the digestive system of your rabbit to malfunction. Therefore, your pet can suffer from continuous indigestion, stomach pain, loose stool or digestive blockages. This is the reason you should consult experts while formulating your rabbit’s diet. Most experts will recommend including Timothy Hay in your pet’s diet. This also ensures dental health of your rabbit and helps in wearing off teeth that otherwise grow continuously. Like Timothy, Oxbow rabbit food has earned a reputation over many years as it contains all these necessary elements that your pet would need.

The second advantage of feeding your rabbit Timothy Hay is that it helps to prevent a dreadful and unpleasant syndrome known as the ‘poopy butt’ syndrome. It often happens to pet bunnies and as the name suggests, is surely awful. It happens because of the lack of hay in your pet’s diet. Third, it is not known to many people that too much protein can cause harm to your rabbit. It disturbs the balance of its health system and your pet can become overweight. Oxbow rabbit food is low on protein which helps your rabbit to maintain the right weight.

You can find good quality Timothy Hay in several Oxbow rabbit food varieties and buy from online shops which have good reputation in the market. These shops are managed by experienced and dedicated workers who have served for years in the industry. They also provide friendly customer care service that is more than happy to answer all kinds of queries regarding your pet. So you can now buy these products from the Internet at completely affordable rates and get all your worries settled.
Using quality products like Oxbow rabbit food or Timothy Hay improves your pet rabbit’s health and keeps it active.

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