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Widescreen TVs V Visiting the Cinema

Many years ago, when cinema was first invented, it was the only way for many people to see films, as most people didn’t have TVs in their own homes. The thing is though, cinema has always had a much better quality viewing experience than home televisions, so it has remained the ultimate way to experience […]

LCD vs Plasma: Which is Best for HDTV?

This “Plasma vs LCD” debate has been happening for a while now, but this could be a good time to revisit the topic. With the new high definition TV standard, and with all these new HDTVs on offer, you might be unsure of which route to go down. Here I am going to take a […]

Guide to Buying a Flat Screen TV – How To Decide on a Television

If you want a flat screen TV buying guide, but you don’t need a guide which is overly complicated or takes you too long to read, then this is for you. In this concise guide, we’re going to jump straight to the point and highlight the important key areas you need to consider. To begin […]

Dynamic Contrast Ratio – What It Is & Why It’s So Important

What’s Dynamic Contrast, and why is it so important when deciding which TV to buy? In this short but informative article I shall get straight to the point and tell you what really matters. First I will explain what contrast actually is, and then I will talk specifically about dynamic contrast ratios. The Importance of […]

Creating Music in Your Bedroom – Why It’s Easier than It Once Was

Although electronic music has been around for many years and there have been long been ways of making music by yourself at home, these days it is definitely much easier and much cheaper to. In this article, I’m going to take a look at how home music creation has come on in leaps and bounds […]