Widescreen TVs V Visiting the Cinema

Many years ago, when cinema was first invented, it was the only way for many people to see films, as most people didn’t have TVs in their own homes. The thing is though, cinema has always had a much better quality viewing experience than home televisions, so it has remained the ultimate way to experience a movie.

The Creation of Video Cassettes

For a long time, the one problem with both cinema and TV is that you needed to watch a film at a specific time. When home video cassettes like Betamax and VHS first came about, suddenly there was a way to watch films at whatever time you wanted. The only problem was, the video quality of these cassettes was still far inferior to that offered by the cinema screen.

The Rise of DVD

Once the DVD was invented, home video quality took a giant leap forward. This enabled anyone to play high quality digital video in the comfort of their own home. Unlike VHS tapes for example, DVDs didn’t wear out or degrade over time, as long as you didn’t get the discs scratched. From the 1990’s onwards, DVDs became extremely popular amongst movie fans. However, for many people, depending on what TV and speaker setup they had, it still didn’t quite give them the full cinema experience.

The Joy of Home Cinema

These days, you can get much closer to the real cinema experience in the comfort of your own home, by getting high quality speakers and a large widescreen TV. For example, with a plasma TV screen of 50 inches or more, and being sat closer to the screen than you would be in a cinema, you’re going to get a very cinematic feel. And you’ll be glad not to have other people around you making noises and distracting you from enjoying the movie.

Why You Should Still Visit the Cinema

However, even with home cinema quality jumping forwards in leaps and bounds, don’t you think there’s still something missing? There’s just something about actually going out to the cinema. It gives you a reason to spend time with your friends and experience something together. And if we’re really honest with ourselves, we know that no home cinema equipment is going to fully replicate the full-on movie experience you get when you go to the cinema

Why You Should Still Stay at Home Instead

The only problem with visiting the cinema is that it costs you more money than it does to just stay at home with a DVD. But also, when you’re at home, you can fit your movie watching around the other things you want to do. You can also eat your own food. Just put your feet up, lie back, and eat a pizza, while you watch your favourite movie with the DVD commentary on.

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