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Press Releases: Top Seven Things You Shouldn’t Be Changing

There’s a certain faction of digital public relations and PR 2.0 prophets who’ve been predicting the death of the traditional press release since the dawn of the Internet. More than 20 years later, the press release is still alive and evolving from its Prehistoric roots to what some might say is the “Golden Age of […]

Public Relations: What’s the best PR management software?

Choosing the right Public Relations software solution for a company is an important consideration with so many different types of media to monitor and a cohesive digital voice to maintain. In PR, there has always been high focus on maintaining quality media databases and monitoring tools to increase the efficiencies of staff and work closely […]

Article Marketing Company In Dallas Increases Profits

Getting attention for a product or service that you are attempting to sell on the Internet is very important. In fact, you will need to find ways of attracting potential customers to your website or blog in order to make a sale. Since there are millions of businesses on the Internet, this can be a […]

Public Relations: PR in the Digital Age

Public relations activities have gone through numerous paradigm shifts over the last ten years, and now they’re in the process of changing again. Public relations agencies have always been a conduit to members of the press, and this role is continually increasing in responsibility as the digital age evolves. The web has dramatically changed how […]

How to Buy a Foreclosed Home in Texas

In today’s housing market, Foreclosed homes in Texas are becoming a larger part of real estate sales. Because there are so many individuals seeking ownership opportunities due to foreclosures, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, offers programs that open up rental and home ownership opportunities to a wide range of households. […]