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Your Hard Drive Might Not Be Fried

For most people with limited to average technical skills any computer problem that can’t be remedied by simply turning the unit off and then on again is way beyond their pay grade. The mere mention of the words “hard drive” or the notion that one might have a fried hard drive is enough to send […]

How The Used Video Game Market Helps New Sales Too.

The video game market is a $50 billion industry globally so while the players in this business profit from people playing games, this is not child’s play. One of the hottest topics in this multi-billion dollar business is the loss of revenue from secondary video game sales by the publishers and developers of these games […]

Does My Business Need A Rackmount Server?

Many growing businesses are faced with the uncomfortable decision of whether or not to make the transition from stand-alone computers linked to a hodge-podge network to a rackmounted computer server. The decision can uncomfortable for many people because of the expense in making the switch as well as the perceived difficulty in making a smooth, […]

The Key to Maintaining Your Laptop

Walk into most homes and almost every business on the planet and you’re sure to find a laptop or two laying around. These days laptops and their less-expensive offspring are more popular than any other type of computer on the market with lower cost and mobility being two of the main reasons for their popularity. […]

The Benefits and Potential Pitfalls of Paying for Traffic Online

It was not that long ago that the e-commerce sector was still floundering after the initial tech boom online. Today, having a web site is as standard as having a brochure or a business card for any business that uses the Internet to market and sell its products. But it is no longer sufficient to […]