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Why Sig Sauer P229 is best among compact size pistols

While shooters across the world would love the Sig Sauer’s appeal, design and quality, few will also want to concentrate on its modular sized guns, that is though compact in specification plays a similar role of the full-sized guns. Compact sizedĀ  have always contributed to concealed carry and are widely used by the bodyguards, United […]

How Sig 226 Sets a Standard among Combat Handguns

Sig Sauer P226 is a full sized military service pistol that is chambered to fire a number of powerful cartridges, the 9 mm, .357 SIG, .40 S&W and .22 LR guns. With double staggered magazine columns and recoil operation having double action only and Double Action/Single Action mechanism, the Sig 226 is an ideal combat […]

5 Smart Ways To Select The Right PSD To HTML Service Provider

With abundance of PSD to HTML service providers over the web, it’s hard to determine which is the right one suiting your immediate needs and demands. Although there are innumerable online, only a handful of them are worth spending money on. So, a careful analysis and research is required before you select a service provider […]

How and why to find out everything about Aimpoint CompM4

Red dot sights have come a long way with their extensive use in shooting games and competitions since 1980. Red dot sights have widely been designed, developed and built by several manufacturers in different parts of the world. These are external optical devices complementing the functional strength and serving the purpose of using rifles. Aimpoint […]

How Aimpoint sights are different from traditional sights

Open iron sights, optical sights and aperture sights are usual sight choices for most hunting rifles. Optical sights are also known as telescopic sights. Many types of hunting rifles are supplied with open iron sights on them. Sights need to be purchased for and installed on some rifle types. Aimpoint Micro sights are good optical […]