Why Sig Sauer P229 is best among compact size pistols

While shooters across the world would love the Sig Sauer’s appeal, design and quality, few will also want to concentrate on its modular sized guns, that is though compact in specification plays a similar role of the full-sized guns. Compact sizedĀ  have always contributed to concealed carry and are widely used by the bodyguards, United States coast guards and the customs department. The top-notch federal agencies around the world also consider the Sig 229 as one of the best compact size pistol over the years.

Over the years, Sig Sauer pistols have proven their ability in superior performance and reliability in defense services. The preceding model of Sig Sauer P229 is the Sig 226 which is a full sized service handgun chambered to fire the .22LR, 9 mm and the .357 Sig. Both Sig Sauer P228 and Sig 229 are compact versions. The duty officials perfectly use it as a concealed firearm that has Double Action only and Single Action/Double Action firing mechanism. Versions firing the Double Action only has double trigger reset points. The P229 presently is chambered for .357 SIG and the .40 S&W calibers. The caliber shift is between these two calibers though it can fire the .22 LR and 9 mm just like P226 pistol.

Among the P229 variants, the P229 DAK version is the most popular. Sig Sauer P229 Dak is also available in P220, P226 and p39. When the trigger of the pistol is pulled, the trigger moves forward and also on firing, it gets back to the intermediate reset point. In P229 Equinox model, the balance is made between day and night combat situation. The look of the pistol is that of dark alloy frame. Excellent target acquisition is made possible by using the tritium fiber optic front sight and SIGlite night vision sight depending on the natural light conditions. Accessories and sights can be mounted on the accessory rail. The pistol model also has a laminated wooden grips and checkering for enhancing the gun’s action as well as comfort handling.

In P229 Classic 22, the users look for the Sig Sauer’s legendary centerfire activity. The classic model is a .22LR caliber Rimfire model and features four-point safety in trigger, intercept notch, firing pin and decocking lever. You can enjoy hours of serious target shooting with this model that has a complete recoil system just like the full-sized pistols. You will not have to compromise on your needs of target shooting with the Sig 229 classic.

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