Make Panini With a Panini Press

Usually, a panini press has one plate on the top and another plate on the bottom. Some of them include adjustable tops providing thus sufficient room to accommodate sandwiches with various thicknesses.

Panini press can be divided into two types: electric and portable ones. The electric panini press includes a temperature control and it is very easy to use. Place the sandwich into the panini press, use the plates to cover them and then wait for the timer, bell or light to indicate that the panini is done. On the other hand, you’ll save the electricity with the use of a portable panini. Prices for a panini press starts from $40-$70, but a quality device can cost between $100 and $1000, based on the included features.

Read on below on how to use a panini press to make a panini.

The main ingredient of panini is some rustic bread or some other bread, for instance ciabatta. The bread needs to be sliced in thick pieces. For really delicious bread you can use any ingredient you like.

In order to enjoy the taste of every ingredient, it is preferable to use about three or four ingredients. The grill sandwich perfectly goes with fish (salmon), pork or chicken, along with such vegetables as lettuce leaf, tomato, cucumber, grilled onion and red capsicum. Next, add a slice of cheese into the bread. Under heat, the cheese will melt and will attach the breads keeping together all the ingredients.

Still, avoid overfilling the panini, as it is quite possible for the parts to be not properly cooked in the same time. You can also expect leach out from the added ingredients and spill over the pan. Prior of putting the sandwich into the panini press, the device should be pre-heated. If you are using an electric panini press there will be an indicator signaling that it has been pre-heated.

If you are using a non-electric device, the checking method is also a simple one. Drop some water into the pan and the device is ready when you get a sizzle sound from the dropped water. Next, place the sandwich into the device, covering with the top of the panini press. Grill both sides for roughly 3 or 4 minutes. Each side can be turned over to get those grill marks and for both sides to get a golden brown color. Then, the tasty panini is ready to be served.

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