Pick the Perfect Screen as Your Fireplace Accessory

There are many places in the country where fireplaces are equally a source of warmth in winters and also an important part of the living room.

Although we all love the sound and image of the roaring fire, it is extremely important for the fire to remain within its place. It is when fireplace accessories and especially fire screens step in.

There are fireplaces which are already fitted with wire screen or custom glace, but there are people who prefer a portable fire screen, which is a safety feature but also a great work of art.

Numerous fireplace accessories including fireplace screens are currently available on the market. The internet is among the best places to start searching for such screens, especially as retailers in the online environment are able to provide a remarkable stock of styles and selection.

The style of the house and the type of your fireplace are the factors that determine which screen is the most suitable for you. Similarly to most accessories, screens are available in various different styles and thus you can find a screen that is right for a modern home or for a Victorian home as well.

Door screens are quite popular these days and are installed in front of your fireplace but it includes two doors, similarly to a doored fireplace. The doors allow you to conveniently put wood on the fire. It is a great option especially for those who would face difficulties in frequently moving a bulkier screen.

Another popular fireplace accessory is the bowed screen, offering a three-dimensional look to the fireplace. Additionally, it is easy to move it around when you want to add wood on the fire. Still, these screens are not designed for uneven hearths.

Folding screens are just as convenient as other popular screens. These screens can be folded on one side without having to move them. As folding screens have bi- and tri-fold design, they can be easily stored requiring little space in your basement or in a closet.

A fireplace screen which is a child gate in the same time is highly recommended if you have a family with small children. Optional panels are also included with these screens extending the screen and circling the entire fireplace. The screen also includes a heavy duty gate fitted with childproof latch. This is actually a gate that is perfectly suitable for both a wood stove and a built-in fireplace.

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