You should choose fixed blades fit to your specific needs for everyday or tactical purposes.

Knives, especially the ones used for outdoor and utility tasks are very popular nowadays. You have the ever durable fixed blades and the dependable Folding Blades. These blades are very popular and in fact, according to numerous retailers, high quality blades are selling very well. Making the right purchase is an important strategy. Tactical blades are multipurpose blades that are used for various surfaces and objects. A tactical blade is multifaceted, offering more uses than just being a combat or fighting knife.



When choosing a tactical blade, you have to consider the activities that you wish to use it for. Some steel materials are prone to corrosion though they are known to have superior blade qualities so you cannot use them on too many tasks or activities since they require certain level of maintenance and care.  Stainless steel is very durable when it comes to corrosion but the alloy used to create the stainless steel could make the Folding Blades brittle and more difficult to sharpen. The kind of handle material will also affect how you will enjoy using the blade. Some design fixed blades made from stacked leather, resin and modern, synthetic materials. You have to make a decision on how to choose a blade based on your purpose and how it works to your advantage.



Features are also dependent on your intended use for the blade. If you want a blade that you can use for tons of rope cutting, then you should choose a fixed blade with full serrations so that you can saw through the fine fibers. There are some blades that contain holes around the bottom, making them ideal for makeshift spears, which is ideal for outdoor use. Some blades are designed to cut through wood bark, and then you need a different blade to function effectively. You can only judge the functionality of your blade based on how you use it.


Should you choose Folding Blades or fixed blades?

For daily use, the Folding Blades are very useful and functional since they are usually lightweight, unobtrusive, and does not take too much space. This is ideal for regular use if you want to do tasks like cutting cords or ropes or packages and other things. For someone who is always in extreme situations or working in environments where survival is necessary, then the use of fixed blades might be more ideal since they are more durable and can handle tougher tasks. These blades can be very expensive but they are worth it if they can handle the purpose or function that you are looking for.

Be aware that high quality blades are not cheap. They can go from a hundred dollars upwards. The amount you pay is just a testament to the quality durability and longevity of the blade that you paid for. If you are buying online, make sure that you choose a reputable seller who will sell authentic blades that do the task as they are marketed and advertised to actually work.


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