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London Olympics has grand opening

Following the Nike Zoom Hyperflight 2001 to achieve a technical breakthrough, product speed performance to improve its support to become a new target. In addition to the continuation of the excellent appearance of the Zoom family of origin, Nike Zoom Ultrafight Nike emphasis on absolute performance and portability of the product. Nike Zoom Ultrafight is […]

NIKE has been interested in the sponsorship of major sporting events

No competitor Adidas TOP sponsor of the battle to win sports brand NIKE, embarked on a Quxianjiuguo marketing road. The bridge, London Bridge, a round-arched building, drawing praise movement NIKE “great (Greatness),” the graphic. These words in the picture, there is no “Olympic”, “London” and other words, because NIKE is not the official Olympic partners […]

The mentality of trying to hide something

7, overnight, Liu Xiang, fall in the first column, followed by leg dance through the entire process, missed the cut news dissemination, analysis, and emotion. Its main sponsor Nike the Sina Officer micro events to update the micro-text within one minutes later “Who dares to start all over again in his prime, even if the […]

Jordan before the sports listed were tested: Jordan reputation for good by bad

Cap! Seeing that the the listed funds to to raise hand that the, basketball trapeze came the a Hutchison of large “hot pot”, blocking the plan of the the Jordan sports listed issuers of of the. Sports Interpreting leaving Jordan, painstaking efforts of the national brand for years, when the aura fade, enterprise Mami whether […]

Around a series of children wearing Heelys fall event

“Installed in the shoes behind the wheel immediately will be able to go paddling, adults and children are like …” Recently, one from Zhejiang Province to Shanghai to play guests to reporters reflect on Nanjing East Road from time to time there will be holding a Heelys wheels hawkers . Recently, Nanjing and Chongqing broke […]