London Olympics has grand opening

Following the Nike Zoom Hyperflight 2001 to achieve a technical breakthrough, product speed performance to improve its support to become a new target. In addition to the continuation of the excellent appearance of the Zoom family of origin, Nike Zoom Ultrafight Nike emphasis on absolute performance and portability of the product. Nike Zoom Ultrafight is a combination of two very different styles, the fusion of tradition and technology innovation, quality leather as the traditional high-end technology, but as challenges. Development team successfully TPU, mesh fabric lining to the Seven Wonders of the technology combined with experiments to prove that “almost impossible” to the production department, Nike Zoom Ultrafight successful birth! This shoes also carries shoes lovers desire for new technology and classic sought after, Nike basketball shoes ushered in a new challenge – to beat it! Design can only dream falls on paper, is the scientific and technological innovation and productivity so that the dream become a reality. “- Alan Cooper (Aron, Cooper)

London Olympics has grand opening, and then take the success of Chinese athletes at the London arena. At the same time, domestic electricity supplier website “Olympic promotion” into the pitched battle state. It is reported that during the Olympic Games and other sporting goods as Nike, Adidas, PUMA sales higher than usual much improvement. From shoes and apparel class B2C excellent purchase online shoe city sales data show excellent purchase network two weeks since the Olympic-related merchandise daily sales compared to the past an increase of 45% this week, excellent purchase once again to increase promotional efforts, sporting goods Olympic carnival season 99 yuan, so that more consumers feel the passion and spirit of the Olympic Games.

It is understood that this excellent purchase online shoe city followed by the London Olympic boom, special offers for the users like sports: Nike, Adidas, Converse, Puma, and other well-known sports brand, the sports brand has a zone, to meet consumer diversification needs. Excellent purchase online shoe city for London Olympics campaign theme, bringing together online football shoes, basketball shoes, tennis shoes, jogging shoes and other shoes series and sports T-shirt, shorts series of strong efforts to promote the whole category. In addition to the price advantage, the Olympic promotion will launch a special Nike, Inc. for the U.S. “Dream Team” to prepare shoes Nike Air Force 180 ‘Olympio’ Olympic earmarked boots, color is the year dream of a team of Barkley wearing shoes, favorite collection of fans, the shoes products precious and unique memorable. From Springs Information

In addition to the category of the shoe to run, excellent purchase online shoe city sports series nike free run 3, ranging from the famous T-shirt and shorts and so launched efforts to bargains for users to create the most complete and affordable Olympic equipment, so users excellent purchase online shoe city at any time feel the Olympic atmosphere. T-shirt during the Olympic Games, Olympics hot models as discount Adidas Adidas clover 179 yuan of sales, 6% off the original price of 269 yuan NIKE Nike 2012 new Men’s T-shirt as long as 159 yuan can be armed upper body. In addition, excellent purchase online shoe city with many brand manufacturers to launch Outdoor famous big promotion, as low as 59 yuan, the lowest price for the entire network of products is limited robbed nike free run 2, women’s “crazy” The tide is 99 yuan and, in summer to promote discount on 8 fold other classification promotions are at the same time.

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