Join a club to make the most out of your caravan

Join a caravan club and you really can make the most out of owning and enjoying your caravan. As one of the leading caravan dealers in Yorkshire, we are immersed in the world of caravanning here at Albion Caravans ( And while we have no formal affiliation with any one caravan club or rally, we can wholeheartedly recommend joining a caravan club, whether locally here in Yorkshire or elsewhere in the UK, for the many benefits they offer.

The Caravan Club is probably the nation’s best known caravan club (although there are others with less members but which offer some of the same benefits such as the Camping and Caravanning Club). So what is it that makes so many people part with their hard-earned cash to pay for a membership to a caravan club, and is it worth it? Could it really help people enjoy their second hand caravans any more?

The first and most obvious benefit is the fellow members and the pluses of being part of a club in general. You will get to meet fellow caravan owners and enthusiasts, sharing experiences, knowledge and a passion for caravans. Many caravan club members enjoy the sense of community that is offered, making friends and swapping tips and stories along the way.

This sense of community is made possible by another of a club’s benefits: regional centres. The Caravan Club, for example, boasts seventy Caravan Club Centres dotted up and down the country, membership of which is free if you are already a member of The Caravan Club. These centres hold rallies for members which are a great way to connect with other caravan owners and hobbyists near where you live. In Yorkshire alone there are separate Caravan Club Centres in East Yorkshire, Mid West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, the Yorkshire Dales and the Yorkshire Pennines – all in just one county! In these centres, just like similar Caravan Club Centres all over the UK, regular local rallies are held, some of them themed, as well as other events such as sports and outdoor activities.

Then there are more practical benefits, such as the use of caravan sites run by the Caravan Club itself, which can offer facilities of a higher standard than other sites and offer cheaper overnight rates. Sometimes membership can also offer lower rates of caravan insurance if they have organised preferential member rates with an insurance company.

So, overall there is a plethora of benefits offered by a caravan club, from exciting and enjoyable rallies to a great sense of community and shared passion. In our humble opinion, it really can improve the experience of owning new or second hand caravans.

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