Harry Coumnas Visited Botswana to Explore Chobe National Park

Harry Coumnas is an experienced businessman who loves to engage himself in wildlife safaris. He has great interest in exploring different forests, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. He has been aired in many wildlife programs on television. Recently, he visited Chobe National Park at Botswana, a landlocked country in South Africa. The country stands out for its diverse range of flora and fauna (plants and animals). During the wildlife safari in Botswana, watching rare and endangered species of animals in their natural habitat was a enjoyable experience. He has also involved himself in numerous adventurous sports activities and casual games including playing cards, ludo, chess and more. For him, it was the most memorable experience till now.

Harry Coumnas is an adventure lover and participates in various activities like fly fishing, trekking, globe trotting, camping and bungee jumping. Adventures activities help him in keeping fit and healthy. In addition to this, he is a volunteer at Chobe National Park who believes in preserving wildlife and their natural habitat and he rehabilitates sick and injured animals. He is also associated with many wildlife organizations. He conducts seminars in order to inspire people for protecting wildlife. Besides this, he runs many educational programs in lots of colleges, schools and institutes to create awareness about the diminishing wildlife and also provides them guidelines through which they can protect animal species.

Harry Coumnas is an active volunteer of the Cheetah Rehabilitation Project that aims at rehabilitating and conserving the endangered species. This organization strives to safeguard big cats including Cheetahs, Lynxes, Leopards and more. He looks after various activities like the breeding of endangered, and rare animal species, the release of captive-breed cheetahs to the wild, the treatment of injured animals and lot more.

Every year, he visits national parks and goes for safaris. He has keen interest in traveling to forests and riding elephants. He loves taking natural pictures of wildlife through his camera. He has visited many national parks throughout the world including Fiordland National Park in New Zealand, Kruger National Park in South Africa, Tikal National Park in Guatemala, Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary in Peru, and more. Besides his keen interest in adventurous expeditions, he likes to spend quality time with his kith and kin. He is also fond of reading fictional novels and engages himself in occasional cooking. He loves to visit different restaurants and keeps trying varied cuisines and delicacies.

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