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Subsidy offering for housing loans

The Union cabinet today approved a 1 per cent interest subsidy on new home loans up to Rs 15 lakh if the cost of the house does not exceed Rs 25 lakh. According to government sources, about 30 % of home loans fall in this bracket. The scheme had been announced in the budget as […]

ECS authorization adds convenience and safety on Credit Cards

The electronic clearing service (ECS) is a popular mode to transfer funds. Be it your phone bill, insurance premium, electricity bill, or credit card payment, most payments can be made through the ECS. Essentially, it facilitates bulk transfer of money from one bank account to many bank accounts, or vice versa. ECS is an electronic […]

Online Personal Loans India

In India a lot of customers are now looking to apply for personal loan online. A large set of these customers apply and expect a call  back so they can understand how much emi and what are the interest rates they have to pay. Based on the call, they will decide whether they want to […]

Look Before Become a Loan Gurantor its Risky

If you stand as a guarantor for someone’s loan, be it a home loan, education loan or even a personal loan, it means that you agree to be responsible for the repayment of the person’s debt in case of a default. It implies that you are equally responsible for paying off the loan. According to […]

Reverse mortgage your house for regular income in retirement

Owing to various reasons, you might have failed to build an adequate corpus to meet your expenses when you are no longer earning. Or, there might be some unforeseen expenses for which you need money. You need not sell your home to raise the money. In your sunset years, a reverse mortgage loan can convert […]