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Nurturing a Nursing Education Through Centennial College

With the need for nurses on the rise and predictions estimating that by the year 2011, 59,000 to 113,000 nurses will be needed in Canada, nursing programs are being designed to meet the demand. Ranging in length and credentials, the nursing programs are helping to train professionals who will make a difference in the medical […]

Canadian Community College – An Option Worth Considering

The concept of community college was developed with the sole aim of offering students job-focused, practical training that was both affordable and would hold up in the workforce. Although community colleges were first founded in the United States, it didn’t take long for them to reach Canada. There by, giving students who may have opted […]

Help People as an Occupational Therapist Assistant/ Physiotherapy Assistant

If you are passionate about encouraging people and have the patience to understand that sometimes progress might be slow, you may be well suited for a career as an occupational therapist assistant/physiotherapist assistant. In this role, you will be vital in helping developmentally and physically challenged people to gain the skills they need to attain […]

Social Service Workers – A Ray of Hope for the Community

Compassionate, caring, selfless, patient and helpful. These are some of the words that come to mind when describing a social service worker. These professionals, with a strong desire to improve people’s lives, do so by helping them cope with and solve everyday issues. The problems social workers help people to tackle range from family and […]

Continuing Education through Online Distance Learning Courses

Continuing education for most is a convenient mode of completing education or a desired course that they couldn’t complete due to some reasons of their own. Courses offering tailor made facilities are designed keeping in mind eligible candidates. Who have had basic formal education but want to continue learning in a specific interested field to […]