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Canadian College Offers Practical Experience, Sound Theoretical Knowledge and More

What is the difference between an American and Canadian college? In the U.S. the term “college” is actually used to describe a university. Meanwhile, in Canada, a college refers to a community college, which provides learners a totally unique experience to that of a university. College programs are known for being shorter, ranging from one […]

Human Resources College Program By Its Most Essential Courses

A program is only as good as its courses and the instructors who teach them. At Centennial College’s Human Resource college program — officially known as Business Administration – Human Resources (Co-op) — students benefit from a combination of business administration and human resources courses that incorporate current trends in the strategic management of human […]

Project Management Courses Offer Knowledge and Skills

In a changing business world, companies are seeking professionals who have completed relevant Project Management courses that make them confident in ensuring projects are being presented in a timely manner while keeping within a certain budget. Centennial College’s Project Management program produces grads who fill positions as process development analysts, project leaders, global project managers or […]

Accounting program addresses financial needs of the Aboriginal Community

Centennial College creates an inclusive environment for a diverse population like Toronto. It sees the needs of students and helps them achieve success in various fields. One of the most in-demand professions at the moment is in Accounting. Centennial College’s accounting courses in Toronto were enhanced to add a different route to serve the Aboriginal […]

Chef training cooks up culinary skills ready for the job market

Unleash your inner artist and get inspired by the food culture. Explore new horizons, learn about the chef profession and food service industry, and invent new and unique recipes and cooking techniques. All of these and more are offered in an ultimate chef training Toronto offers at its local school, Centennial College. The Culinary Skills […]