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Event Management – Career Facts, Program Details and Enrolment Requirements

The scope of event management spans from meeting clients and understanding their requirements to booking meeting rooms or outdoor spaces, planning and organizing various events, coordinating the delivery of supplies, managing the budget, monitoring and supervising events from beginning to the end, and reviewing bills and distributing payments. The job roles and responsibilities of event […]

Building More Advanced Careers in Accommodation, and Food and Beverages Sectors of Hospitality

Hotel management typically involves running and managing operations of hotels or similar establishments, such as resorts and restaurants. The business operations may include General management Human resources management Sales and marketing management Housekeeping management Revenue and financial management Security and risk management Service quality management Labour relationship management Convention services management International operations management The […]

A College Course is the Foundation for Promising Careers

With four main campuses, eight different schools, and more than 200 programs, Centennial College is the mainstay of the career path of many professionals. With studies catering to everyone from high school graduates to Second Career students, Centennial has a diverse offering. Each College Course is designed to teach essential employability skills, ensuring relevance in […]

College Degree Programs Offer Unique and Practical Experience

Choosing a Toronto Degree program can be an interesting process. Do you head straight to university? Do you find a reputable college that offers a degree program? Or perhaps attend an undertaking that allows students to sample both college and university by splitting their time between two institutions? Those interested in the last two options […]

Canadian College Offers Enjoyable Learning Experience Through Inclusive Environment

Attending a Canadian College such as Toronto’s Centennial College is a unique experience for a variety of reasons. While this institution is known for preparing students for a range of careers in areas such as business, transportation, community and health, communications, media and design; engineering technology and applied science; and hospitality, tourism and culture, it […]