Chef training cooks up culinary skills ready for the job market

Unleash your inner artist and get inspired by the food culture. Explore new horizons, learn about the chef profession and food service industry, and invent new and unique recipes and cooking techniques. All of these and more are offered in an ultimate chef training Toronto offers at its local school, Centennial College. The Culinary Skills – Chef Training (1812) program is the place to start honing your culinary ambitions. After two semesters of industry-specific training, students are capable of starting their career as professional cooks in restaurants, hotels, and kitchens around the world.

A chef is a skilled trade profession, which means that skills are highly sought-out more than academic training. However, an educational training provides the skills, hands-on experience, and industry connections to mould a competent and professional chef. Centennial College prides in teaching its students with industry knowledge and practices as well as letting them gain hands-on experience in the craft of cooking.  The culinary skills chef training will provide includes a mixture of food theory and kitchen practices as describes here:

For starters, students are introduced to foundations that will build their knowledge in the culinary arts and habits in kitchen settings. This includes the proper usage and care for kitchen equipment, kitchen etiquette, and safe food handling processes. Students will become familiarized with culinary terminology and demonstrate basics skills in different cooking methods in a lab setting.

The kitchen will turn into a bakeshop as students discover baking techniques and bakery operations. Some of the foods that students will prepare are cakes, pies, flans, pastries, and bread.

As Canada’s culture becomes more diverse, students will study cuisines from different cultures, so they will be knowledgeable in different culture tastes and food customs. The theory in this class will help the future chefs to create new dishes and fusion cuisines.

Culinary skills are just as important as the business side in kitchen management. Food and beverage costs, human resources and planning, and labour costs are topics discussed in several courses, where students will understand the importance of proper food portions and completing tasks in an effective and efficient manner.

Six hours a week of the Kitchen & Dining Room Practices course covers hands-on experience in a food and beverage setting. Students will practice their leadership, organization, communication, and teamwork skills as they prepare quality dishes on time and collaborate with their peers in the kitchen and dining operations.

The competitive career in the culinary arts entices ambitious learners, but those with training gain an advantage by turning their knowledge and skills into creative ideas and innovative dishes. Students benefit from a chef training course, which Centennial College provides with its Culinary Skills – Chef Training program. Students learn food fundamentals and kitchen operations in order to function effectively and efficiently as a chef in the food service industry. Centennial graduates can start their career in kitchens of restaurants, hotels, resorts, hospitals, retirement homes, and food manufacturers.

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