Be A Part of Advertising And Media Management Industry

Advertising and Media Management industry globally has been listed in one of the most interesting sectors who work with. Specially for those individuals who wish to build their career in building creative field while putting their hands-on for interacting with the society n a niche way. The way it has been progressing further these days, the scenario has changed the face for branding and marketing communications.


Opt for an appropriate Advertising Media Management program from School of Communication Media and Design where after enrolling you can study this field from its roots. For those individuals who wish to enjoy a winning career in this advertising field need to understand as under which kind of mechanism it works. These are industry approved programs which are developed keeping the fast-changing techniques to obtain customer-driven results.

The few subjects that you would study in this program are:

– Business Communications
– Introduction to Media Planning
– Media Research Data & Analyses
– Planning and Managing Campaigns
– Digital Communications
– Media Buying & Reporting
– Connection Planning
– Media Account Administration

These subjects are divided into semesters in order that the students can gain complete knowledge through classroom training and also offering internships. Few colleges and universities in Canada offer industry placement where they can utilize their skills in apt manner.

Skills Required

– Writing & Editing
– Critical Thinking
– Marketing
– Time Management
– Coordinating
– Monitoring
– Smart Speaking
– Active Learning
– Management of Resources


Employers of advertising and media management industry look for experience also after the degree attained in this field from reputed college/university at Toronto. A capable advertising manager has the responsibility to create, maintain, publish and promote organization’s reputation and products/services by presenting a favorable image.

Internships would help the students to proceed in this industry as experience can fetch good job titles and pay scales. Advertising is closely related to Public Relations and so it is vital that you learn to promote the products & services which can generate sales and in a way popularity among the people.

Acquired Positions

– Promotions Assistant
– Event Officer
– Assistant Event Manager
– Event Coordinator
– Research Events Officer
– Academic Events
– Event Assistant

Media is all about communicating and advertising & reaching the target audience through creative messages using varied platforms. Media management consists of research, analysis, planning, estimating and producing messages, ads and such other campaigns to connect with the audience.

While focusing on advertising management, media professional also requires marketing skills so that they can grab more attention of the customers through extensive advertising techniques. It’s all about how you sharpen your skills and built great concepts & campaigns that can win over the audience.

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