Current Scenario in Interactive Media Sector

Do you know interactive media combines art, design and technology? It’s a specialized field that employs artists, writers and creative thinkers who have advanced skills in digital storytelling, programming, graphics and visual designing.

It is about understanding the aspects of human-media interaction; conceiving an ideology; and developing it into a program or application for information, entertainment or any other specific purpose. It means the ready product can be anything, including a video game, an animation or a mobile app.

Interactive media management is not only about developing interactive media products. Rather it is about creating the overall look and feel, with the use of graphics, text, sound, animation and visual effects, to enhance the user experience.

It wasn’t long ago when this concept primarily referred to website development and computer game designing. However, with the emergence of and fast advancements in mobile technology, it quickly changed its definition. The rise of smart phones and tablets has brought gaming, education, travel guides, navigation apps and other interactive applications into our pockets. It further resulted in personalized marketing, which ultimately led to a significant increase in the need for interactive media professionals.

With constantly advancing interactive technology and new media innovations almost every day, it’s become difficult for businesses to keep up. They are continuously on a lookout for talented professionals who not only possess sound technical skills but also understand the human psyche. After all, interactive media is all about human-media interaction.

This particular sector already employs thousands of artists, storytellers, creative thinkers and technologists. However, the sector is expected to grow leaps and bounds in the years to come, opening doors to plenty of innovative job opportunities. Although there are no set academic requirements to seek an entry to the world of work but most professionals are graduates.

And this is what gives rise to competition in the job market. This sector has a very low number of professionals who have undergone advanced studies. Therefore, completing an interactive media management program can really boost your career. There is no denying that experience is highly valued. But qualifications also play a critical role in your selection for a job or career advancement.

A media management program will leverage your existing skills as well as equip you with new skills, preparing you for careers in content production, digital strategy, digital project management, and media development. You will also acquire effective narrative and managerial skills, with an in-depth understanding of industry, processes, job roles, documentation and technology selection.

Even if you have spent years in digital media, going back to the college will enhance your employability. The best part is that you’ll be exposed to other career options that you may be unaware of. With all this, you also undergo an intense industry field placement within the course duration, which dramatically increases your employment likelihood.

Centennial College’s School of Continuing Education can give you the chance to upgrade your knowledge and skills and opportunities to switch or advance your career. You will be connected to professionals working in similar, related or other industries. It’s never too late to learn and progress.

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