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About the Author: How To Become A has been to created to help those who are seeking a new and challenging career as a paramedic or ambulance technician.

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Tips to Impress Your Examiner and Pass the Paramedic Interview Process

It would be tragic to pass the initial stage of the paramedic selection process and then fail at the final stage. You, of course, would not want this to happen. To give you a head start, here are the top three tips you need to know to impress your interviewer. Tip 1: Prepare for the […]

Important Roles Played By Paramedic Jobs To Society

Being a paramedic officer is indeed a fulfilling job as it gives you a special role in the society especially in the health care industry. Whenever there is a medical emergency, the first person you would probably think of is a paramedic officer. People rely to paramedics if they need an instant emergency response or […]

How to Become a Paramedic in UK Paramedic reflects an advance training level of Emergency Medical Technician required by the law. Each candidate must undergo first a paramedic training prior to certification. If one has successfully completed the whole process of training and passed the exam, then a newly certified paramedic is ready to work all emergency medical services. However, before […]

Becoming a Paramedic: Passing the Application Form Stage

Are you planning to apply in one of the paramedic jobs available in the UK today? A paramedic or an ambulance technician perhaps? No matter what position you are interested in or which career path you would like to pursue, getting accepted into the paramedic workforce is not as easy as you think. Sure, you […]