Tips to Impress Your Examiner and Pass the Paramedic Interview Process

It would be tragic to pass the initial stage of the paramedic selection process and then fail at the final stage. You, of course, would not want this to happen. To give you a head start, here are the top three tips you need to know to impress your interviewer.

Tip 1: Prepare for the Interview

It is essential that you study the job descriptions and the qualifications needed for the job. The examiners would want to find out if you are suitable for the job role. So do some research and find as much information about becoming a paramedic or an ambulance technician. It is also important to remember to answer questions confidently and support it with evidence or sample situations related to the question to boost your chances of passing.

Tip 2: Know the Frequently Asked Questions in a Paramedic Interview

One of the most common questions that the examiners may ask you is “how would you change your attitude or approach when talking to a child who was injured at an accident?” This is quite a difficult question to respond to, so better research for pointers in constructing your answer.

These pointers include:

  • Getting on the same level with the child
  • Using a vocabulary to suit the age of the child
  • Making the child secure
  • Using guardian or parents as reassurance and in promoting good communication with the child

Tip 3: Community Diversity and Awareness

It is important that you have stored knowledge pertaining to the diversity of your community and be aware of the needs of the people in your local area. By knowing more of the diversity of your community and be aware of it, the more that you and your local ambulance service can understand and be responsive to their needs.

These tips are just a generalisation of the important points you should remember to pass the final stage of the selection. If you want a comprehensive copy of the details you need to learn to pass the interview, HowToBecomeAParamedic, the leading insider paramedic recruitment website that also features a range of Paramedic jobs vacancies in the UK, offers the 2012 Career Workbook that can significantly help you pass the interview stage at your first attempt.

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