Precisely what is company marketing and branding?

Employer branding is a expression initially associated with marketing and communications, having said that, now it has been put into practice and all but taken over by HR and talent management communities. Employment branding indicates developing a perception of what it’s like to work at a company. This image includes projecting a lifestyle, the ethics and principles associated with a company. It’s worth noting it’s highly relevant to existing along with future staff, and plays an essential part in staff retention.


The phrase was used around the 1960s. Over the last 10 years we have witnessed books published on the subject and there is a greater professionalism and trust in the field. In 2008 Jackie Orme, the Director General of the UK Chartered Institute of Personnel Directors opened a speech by saying “When I started in the profession, nobody mentioned employer branding. Nowadays it’s completely essential to business strategy – resonating well beyond the doors from the HR department”. And also the stats back this up also. The Economist executed an employer branding study in 2003 which found a 61% volume of knowledge of the expression ‘employer brand’ among HR professionals and 41% among non-HR professionals.


Yet what exactly is a brand? Brand is labelling distinctive attributes of a company and selling these to external and internal stakeholders. It is the attributes of a product, service or company which makes them different and unforgettable rather than a competitor. Such as, what makes Toyota different to Volvo? Why Cadbury is different to Green & Blacks? Branding took the form we all know it these days along the way of industrialisation in the western world. Products were produced in higher quantities, transported around the globe and had to possess widely distributed markings. As a notion it goes back further to trademarks, stamps and brandings used for years.


Using employer brand strategy to recruit talent is commonplace. It is actually generating the distinctive and attractive aspects of a company obvious, and selling them through marketing channels. This is careers websites, social media, email marketing, events, via referrals and through recruitment agencies. Now there is an awareness that marketing these values leads to self-selection of candidates. People who agree and believe they align with the values apply, and those who don’t are filtered out.


Just how do employer branding examples pertain to existing staff? It is putting an emphasis on the unique and distinctive things about the place of workplace you’re in. This could be through incentives and schemes. For example a great Christmas party individuals may think of as a perk. Free training and investment in their job they see being an added value. Initiatives such as an intranet they may see as less obviously to their benefit, nonetheless they make an effort to improve working practices and socialising for staff. works on employer branding for clients through online marketing channels.


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