Business continuity and disaster recovery

Business continuity planning and disaster recovery will often be married together because they have many similarities attached with them. Disaster recovery is a term directed at the process by which a company resumes business following a disruptive event. A recruitment agency like Barclay Simpson will suggest that events can vary from being large, just like an earthquake to small like malfunctioning software the result of a computer virus. Companies often disregard the concept of disaster recovery and focus more on employing people who have extensive business continuity careers and will set the plans in place.


Anyone in business continuity planning jobs will need to take into account many details including how employees communicate, how the business works, the list is endless. The nature of business continuity planning is that there is a constant back up plan in position to be sure the organization keeps making profits. The plan will likely be there despite a natural calamity, supply chain partner problems, smaller disruptions such as departure or illness of key staffers and many other challenges that face businesses. Those trying to get jobs in business continuity ought to do some thorough research regarding what industry the corporation is working within. Each business may have problems that are more crucial than the others such as information technology may play a pivotal role and be the main objective for the plan and systems recovery is important. For other people supply chain logistics may perhaps be crucial it’ll all depend on the individual company. An essential point to make is the fact that no element should be ignored, to put it differently human resources, physical and IT plans shouldn’t be developed in isolation from each other. The main factor to a successful continuity plan is communication. Business continuity recruitment agencies for instance Barclay Simpson Recruitment will be searching for candidates who’ve good experience in the field and are also good communicators.


The IT, security and business managers should come together in determining which systems and sections are most essential for the company and therefore what kind of plan’s necessary. Business continuity is all about tailoring the plans to the individual companies which will make it better. The management should also decide together on who is in charge of declaring a disruptive event and mitigating its effects. The plan must also generate a process for communicating and locating with employees after a crisis. Barclay Simpson corporate governance recruitment agency will inform candidates seeking roles relating to this process that they need to help these managers come together and come up with an effective plan. To find jobs in this industry go to, where consultants from Barclaysimpson should be able to provide excellent industry advice.


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