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Name: T. Ramos
About the Author: Hello, my name is T. Ramos. I am from Chile but I've been living in the USA for 8 years now. I live in Phoenix AZ, and I work in a local bank.

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Some Key Steps to Transform Customer Service to Customer Relationship Management

For personal as well as professional success, good relationship management is the key, and building strong relationships with others is a life skill. A challenge often faced by businesses is the achievement of customers’ satisfaction as well as building deep relations with them. It is very common to ‘jump in the band wagon’ of revised […]

Starting a Business: Slow Track or Fast Lane

The point behind owning a company is to earn a profit – that much is obvious. Yet what most people don’t understand is that it’s not only achieving it, but the way in which you go about that goal. Developing a strong social network is crucial initially, when you decide to start a company. Many […]

What is financial analysis and how it is used

Financial analysis can be a very important tool for any small business. First of all, the owner of the business needs to learn how to calculate the ratios and then understand their meaning. The ratios are a comparative tool used for analysis and determining the debt, liquidity, profitability and asset management of a company. These […]

Important Benefits the CRM System Provides

An effective method that is used by most businesses in evaluating the management processes is the CRM System. The Customer Relationship Management is a system that is used in enhancing the connection with the company’s clients. This is also used in evaluating the costs that the company pays out in its operation and helps in […]

Two Key Ways in Which Deployment of an Online CRM System Can Help a Business

There are two key ways in which deployment of an online CRM system can help a business. We will be examining each of these ways in which deployment of an online customer relationship management system can be of help to a business in turn. In doing this, we’ll be essentially answering the frequently asked questions […]