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Does 360 Degree Feedback Lead to Improved Performance?

We wanted to understand for ourselves whether the use of 360 degree feedback has a positive impact on the performance of our clients organisations. With the My Talent database storing the data from something like 150,000 360 surveys we felt we must have enough data to do some meaningful analysis! The techie bit. We looked […]

What Do Safety Training and Environmental Consultants Do?

Safety training and environmental consultants provide a number of important services for today’s businesses and industries. The environmental consulting field is judged to be among the fastest growing industries in the world. The increased need for training in equipment safety and environmental safety has spurred the growth of an entire industry segment that was practically […]

Cheap Villa Holidays in Cyprus

Cheap Villa Holidays in Cyprus The island of Cyprus, located south of Turkey and west of Syria and Lebanon, is the largest in the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to its beautiful white sand beaches, active nightlife and traditional Mediterranean cuisine, Cyprus is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. What makes this destinationvillas […]

The Average Cost to Build a House

The Average Cost to Build a House A starting point to figure the cost of building a new home is $100 per square foot. This does not include the price of the land. In order to figure the actual cost per square foot, a homeowner must add in all costs of construction, special amenities such […]

How to Build Cheap Houses in America

How to Build Cheap Houses in America Building cheap houses in America is difficult, but usually not for a lack of inexpensive resources. As many home designs are available as the people to think of them, but they generally fall into one or several categories: standard (square with boxed rooms), custom standard, dome, earthen or […]