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Mt. Carmel Veterans Services Center Presented Donation From 1350 Distilling’s Angel Battalion

1888 Press Release – 1350 Distilling’s Angel Battalion donates 10% of all bottles sales made in their taste lounge in Q3 to nonprofit, Mt. Carmel Veterans Services Center. Colorado Springs, CO – 1350 Distilling of Colorado Springs, Colorado announced today they raised $2,034.39 during their Third Quarter’s Angel Battalion’s Nonprofit Quarterly Focus for Mt. Carmel […]

Women in Cloud Launches First-of-it’s-Kind Corporate ESG Women’s Leadership Accelerator

(1888 PressRelease) Next Generation Corporate ESG Women’s Leadership Accelerator. Last month, Women in Cloud (WIC), a community-led economic development organization, launched their WICxLEAD program, designed to empower corporate women and entrepreneurs to ignite economic access. A growing tidal wave hitting businesses can be summarized in three letters – ESG. The environmental, social and governance investing […]

PixelPlex Gives an Update on Building Autonomous Solutions Through DApps

1888PressRelease – PixelPlex updates its webpage on DApp development services with more details. PixelPlex, a software development company, has announced an update on its DApp services. These are applications that are not held back by the barriers typical applications face, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted workflows. PixelPlex relies on blockchain technology to ensure utmost security in […]

FirstRec – The World’s First Voice Recorder Specially Designed for Children and Seniors

1888 Press Release – On September 21st, FirstRec launches on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Starting from $45 for the early bird special, FirstRec is the first truly voice recorder designed to be so simple to use that even toddlers and seniors can operate; compact and accessible, seamlessly designed, and incredibly intuitive. We are ATTO DIGITAL. We […]

New Harley-Davidson Dealership Arrives in Calabasas

1888 Pressrelease – Mulholland Harley-Davidson will provide a new home for Southern California riders. Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA – Mulholland Harley-Davidson will provide a new home for Southern California motorcycle riders along with a valuable and desirable experience to consumers. The location aims to progress the Motor Company’s revamped and modernized image. “We are thrilled […]