FirstRec – The World’s First Voice Recorder Specially Designed for Children and Seniors

1888 Press Release – On September 21st, FirstRec launches on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Starting from $45 for the early bird special, FirstRec is the first truly voice recorder designed to be so simple to use that even toddlers and seniors can operate; compact and accessible, seamlessly designed, and incredibly intuitive.

We are ATTO DIGITAL. We celebrate simplicity and smart design. After the TileRec successful Kickstarters, $30+ in funding, and delivering 5,000+ products worldwide during the pandemic outbreak, we’re back and better with the FirstRec!

One year ago, our backers supported our vision to make the world’s thinnest voice recorder. The Kickstarter community and our early adopters believed in us before anyone else even knew we But we did it even better this time!
The FirstRec is the convenient voice recorder that comes ready to use out of the box. It’s so easy to use that anyone can enjoy on-the-go discreet recording, from kids having fun and recording memories, to the savvy professionals that need smart organizing of their daily agenda, to the elders that need help in remembering important details throughout the day or need assistance for an independent life.

People that need a voice recorder might be intimidated by the complexity of traditional voice recorders – a lot of buttons, a lot of functions, and complicating setting up to do.

With FirstRec, we aimed to keep the essential!
Whether running a business, educating, learning, leading an independent life, or simply having fun, FirstRec can be used to store ideas, organize your personal agenda, study, having fun, and creating memories.

Ioan Budeanu Founder at ATTO DIGITAL, explains: “The mainstream consumer is eager to use audio recording, patiently waiting for a truly intuitive recorder that is easy and fun to use. We’ve designed The FirstRec to be easily accessible with dedicated buttons for instant operation and note-taking. For the first time, consumers of all ages alike can discover the benefits of audio recording. After years of designing voice recorders to provide an enjoyable user experience, we can’t wait to share FirstRec with the Kickstarter community and have them help nurture their passion for voice and human connection with us.”

We’ve built the FirstRec with reliability, consistency, and accessibility in mind.

This means that every time you press to record it works, even after thousands of hours of use! The FirstRec is not only a useful tool, it makes audio recording an enjoyable experience for the everyday person.

With a fun colorful O-LED display and an intuitive MENU, the FirstRec it’s also a FUN-tastic tool for Speech, Language, and Literacy activities that supports children of all ages to develop their speaking and listening skills.

FirstRec is also designed to help seniors with memory loss or even provide gentle reminders when needed, to promote independence and autonomy, manage potential safety risks around the home, as well as reducing stress.

Why is FirstRec the better and improved voice recorder?
• The InstantRec button allows you to start recording in a flash second – no extra steps like turning on the device, selecting the scene mode, or adding the password. Just slide and record.
• The KindReminder feature is great for memos and reminders. Press it, record, and leave it. The button will flash until the message will be listened to.
• The simplified menu with intuitive ICONS makes it easy even for toddlers or elders to set it up and use it.
• The OLED color display makes it easy to read even in the outdoors’s bright light and also fun to explore.
• The USB-C allows easy connection and fast data transfer without worrying or damaged ports.
• Password protection: You can keep your private conversations safe with the 4-digit password and speaking about privacy you can also playback the recordings directly on the device by connecting your headphones.
• LineIn is available to record important phone calls.
• FirstRec is 20% thinner than conventional recorders, measuring only .45 inch, and weighing only 2.65 oz, which makes it the lightest of its kind.

• 8GB built-in memory
• Up to 512 kBps
• PMC & MP3 audio format
• 30H battery life
• Voice activation
• NoiseCut technology
• Shock-resistant aluminum casing

There are no gimmicks here. The FirstRec fits the bill and delivers as promised. You get a lot of function with a minimal amount of bulk, which is absolutely fantastic for anyone who appreciates being able to do more with less.

You can back FirstRec on their Kickstarter page beginning September 22nd; starting at $45 for the Super Early Bird adopters.

Editor’s notes:
High-resolution screenshots, logos, and videos can be found here

For more information, please contact ATTO DIGITAL @ support ( @ ) atto-digital dot com dot

ATTO Digital is the company that, against the onslaught of cheaply made and ineffective gadgets, aims to provide consumers with high-quality, easy-to-use, and accessible voice recorders.

Among our products, you will find a range of different audio recording devices. All of them, however, share a common denominator: effectiveness and subtlety. Not only they do function great, but they are also indistinguishable from normal and very high quality.

We aim for every single one of our products to be of exceptional quality and built.

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