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How To Get A HomeFacelift Without Surgery

We are a nation obsessed with beauty and youth and we put much value and emphasis on our looks. This could be why cosmetic face surgery is such a popular procedure in our culture. Its not just for the rich and famous anymore.

Bumpy Dry Skin? How Long Does Your Moisturizer Work?

Home remedies for dry skin are very popular because they are less toxic than typical dry skin lotions and creams. Here you will find the best tips for dry skin using natural and safe ingredients. Many people combine these natural remedies to make the best treatment for dry skin and sometimes find a permanent cure for dry skin.

Shea Butter Soap

Shea Butter is the oil from the nuts of wild Shea trees (Vitellaria paradoxa) scattered throughout the wooded savanna of West and Central Africa. Shea Butter is mentioned in almost all African historical documents, including a reference as early as Cleopatras Egypt, which mentions caravans bearing clay jars of Shea Butter for cosmetic use.