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The Chart: Five Reasons to Try Tenkara

Being myself the tenkara apologist I try to resume my own experience in tenkara fishing. The simplicity of fishing: only the rod, the line and the fly are used. When did fly-fishing get so complicated? Well, that is not a question that is important, because tenkara is the answer to the next question: how do […]

Sydney Boat Hire – Unlimited fun in waters of Sydney

Sydney is the most beautiful place in this world. In vacations many people visit Sydney just to have fun. Now fun has many definitions. In Sydney the most exciting thing is boating. Hiring boats is one of the greatest attractions. Hiring boats and enjoying the thrill with family or friends is a lot fun.  Enjoying […]

Kayak Fishing Benefits – Top Five Advantages

Today, kayak fishing has gained a high level of attention from anglers worldwide and the fan base is growing massively. As a well-liked activity, fishermen across the globe appreciate the ambition. The adventure entices many nationals, including professional and inexperienced kayak fishing enthusiasts; because persons also enjoy kayak fishing as a hobby. Fundamentally, fishing in […]

The trend of black bear hunting in Canada

The passing of times have altered the tastes and preference of the masses with sharp changes observed in this realm. In the demanding lifestyle attributes led by the populace of today, the recreational avenues have widened much to the generic need. However, there are some activities which hold same prominence since their inception. The best […]

Choosing the Best Fishing Kayak

For the majority, picking the best fishing kayak is a complex task. Nevertheless, having a well-versed intellect on the features, accessories and quality are the assets needed to make a well-informed decision. Kayaks these days vary in design, shape, speed, features, etc. Particularly brandishing designs for String Sea surfing, heavy rapids and waterfall currents; kayaks […]