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Should I Represent Myself In Court?

There are a variety of reasons to why some people chose to represent themselves in court, the common misconception is that it is done out of choice but the main cause is usually money; low income individuals qualify for legal aid and wealthy defendants can afford high priced lawyers, middle-income people do not qualify for legal aid but often cannot afford the representation required. To become a fully qualified lawyer with no experience takes at least seven years so consider if you would perform surgery on yourself after a few weeks research and you are looking at the same sort of impact it might have on your success.

Are You In The Process Of Winning Back Your Wife? Here are Three Things You Must Know

The end of your marriage may seem like the end of your world, but there are three time-tested rules that can help you get her back. With accountability, humility, and patience, you can rescue the number one relationship in your life. But first let’s consider some methods that won’t help.

A Simple Divorce Can Keep You Sane

Suppose you have come to the point when you are faced with the need of parting ways with your spouse. You seek a simple divorce without the accompanying complications and troubles. You wish to wind up the whole affair with the least trouble. But to gain your ends you got to arrive at an agreement on the terms of the divorce and that is no easy matter.