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Mediation and Collaborative Law for Premarital Agreements and Prenuptial Agreements

It’s engagement season!  And while everyone’s busy admiring the ring and talking about wedding colors, it’s tempting to gloss over more serious issues, like your financial future and money styles. I’ve been working in the divorce field for over 20 years and I’ve also been divorced myself. Now I’m happily remarried.  So the suggestions and […]

Who should choose a Collaborative Divorce and who should Choose mediation?

I’ll start by talking about mediation, since it’s faster and less expensive, and then I’ll talk about Collaborative Divorce.  And remember, if you start in mediation but decide later to switch to Collaborative Divorce, you can do that. Or vice versa. You can start in Collaborative Divorce and switch to mediate. So making an initial […]

Steps taken MN DUI lawyer when you approach them

The MN DUI lawyer is a person who can help you with cases related to driving under intoxication. There are various steps taken by this lawyer to ensure you get justice. Driving under intoxication is a crime that can put you behind bars for years. Each year, there are thousands of people in Minnesota who […]

The need for a good Minnesota Criminal Lawyer

The role of a Minnesota criminal lawyer cannot be undermined if you or your loved one has been implicated in a criminal case. These lawyers can help you sail through these tough times and come out unscathed. The criminal laws in every state are complex and cannot be easily understood by the layman. It needs […]

Tips to choosing a good MN Law Firm

Every MN law firm in the state specializes in various fields. Based on the case on hand, you have to choose the best Minnesota law firm to ensure you get justice. The need of a law firm during certain stages of life is indispensible. Though we may be extremely careful and go through life meticulously, […]