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Selecting best wedding venues

Wedding day is most magical day in one’s life and once that day is over, life of two people is bonded with each other. Everything like your guests, laughter and joyous moods, wedding cake, decoration and flowers make things more special and unforgettable. No doubt those things are never the way they look. Planning a […]

Different engagement rings for your special someone

Engagement is a special occasion for not only the couple but also for the families involved. A lot of people including the couple’s parents, friends, cousins, siblings and colleagues attend this auspicious occasion for the couple. Parents and elderly bless the couple while young ones show their love for them. A wedding or engagement is […]

The importance of an engagement ring

Engagement rings are much more than pieces of precious jewelry. These master pieces are symbols of eternal love and commitment of a couple. Therefore, picking a unique engagement ring is of utmost importance. Here are different types of engagement rings you can go for. 1. Halo diamond rings You can pick a halo or pave […]

Separation Statements and Tips on Saving Your Marriage

Ever since the world begun, it’s a given that males and females have huge differences. Both were created to have physical, mental and spiritual demands. But what do you think is the main reason of these dissimilarities? There must be a purpose and all of us should understand the same. The alarming number married couples’ […]

Celebrate With the Charm of a Designer Wedding Card

Weddings are grand family occasions, a chance for the entire family to be together. Especially considering Indian weddings, no matter what of what faith; they always end up being a rather pompous affair. Indian weddings have the unique feature of being loud & glamorous. So the Indian wedding cards also have to suit the grandiose […]