Hate Cleaning

Who likes cleaning? The neat freaks are not that many as the growth in the amount of cleaning companies clearly shows it. But not matter how we hate cleaning we are obliged by the circumstances to do it at some stage and it better be sooner than later. But as you will guess for every […]

Houston Heights Real Estate for the Past and Present

Houston Height is one of the earliest planned communities in Texas and is located just four miles from Downtown Houston. Houston Heights Real Estate is in Houston, Texas and considered to be prime real estate and features a wonderful selection of homes, which provide both historical architecture and a new modern blend. Houston Heights has […]

How to Fake a Clean House

Unexpected visits are the most common reason for the need of fake cleaning. So if you are in a hurry stop wondering and get down to fixing the mess. Most of the times you will deal with this task in no more than 20 minutes but make sure your guest won’t enter many rooms as […]

Axis eyes to increase retail loan book share to 30%

The third largest private lender Axis Bank today said it is working towards taking its retail loan-book to 30 per cent of the total assets over the next three to four years, as it sees the retail loan segment as a large market opportunity going forward. “We want to increase the share of our retail […]


If you’re looking for something to keep you warm and dry during these cold and rainy winter months then the products that we have at Simply Umbrellas are sure to protect you from the elements. With a wealth of experience and a diverse selection of superior products to suit anyone’s tastes our products simply must […]