Costa Rica’s Incredible Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Arribada

by Victor C. Krumm She was just 15 years old as she drifted offshore in the warm, tropical eastern Pacific off the small beach called Ostional in a land that, more than 500 years earlier, Christopher Columbus had discovered and named “Costa Rica”, the “rich coast.” She was an olive ridley sea turtle. The nearly […]

Backpacker Travel Insurance

As a backpacker, holiday insurance should be at the top of your list when organising your overseas adventure. Backpacker travel insurance is usually excellent value and will afford you the most needed cover at more general and affordable levels than other coverage so that you can budget your way around the world without having to worry about the costs that illness or accident might incur without paying an arm and a leg for your policy.

Big Homemade Carp Fishing Bait Money Saving Secrets!

How do you save money on bait and actually have this catch you more big fish?! It might be a strange question but the answers are extremely powerful indeed! Most of the bait you pay for is wasted because it literally does not transfer into caught fish; so find out how to save a fortune!

Exciting Holyhead Cruise Destination, Gateway to North Wales, Cruising UK Waters

A Holyhead cruise destination is gaining currency as more established cruise operators include the Anglesey port in their UK itinerary. Holyhead is a major ferry port linking Britain to Dublin, and so it already has high standard facilities and local attractions ideal for large cruise ships looking to offer their passengers a quality experience.

Riding Hard in Louisiana

Bike riding in Louisiana is a challenge – there’s a wide variety of terrain from hills to mangrove forests and swamps. Plus, there’s also the climate; while nobody can exactly forget that Louisiana gets hot and sticky and humid, there are people who underprepare. Just remember to fill your canteen before you start, and refresh the sunscreen and insect repellent regularly. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for local wildlife, though most prepared trails won’t have much to speak of.