Keep Your Families Secure From Fire Using Fire Emergency Ladders

How fortunate it is for us to reside in this very splendid, nice place. Even though our house has aged, it still has the best view of the outside with a roofed deck extending outwards from the living room. We go out on the deck nearly all the time. It became our dining area and leisure place. Often we sit outside to adore the lovely greens and trees around us. This part of the house is where I always like to be in.

When we were re-varnishing our deck not long ago, the thought crossed my mind that what if something terrible happens while we were on the deck. For example, if there was a fire, or an earthquake or any emergency that we have to go out of the house, where would we exit? We could easily fall 30 feet below the deck. The only opening was the front entrance of the house. What if fire or a disaster affected that part of the house, then we would be locked in. We discussed about other options, my hubby and I. We did not like stairs for the reason that it will only invite unwanted guests. Therefore, we investigated more on other feasible means for a fire escape. An escape ladder that clips on the railing of the deck or sill of the window was what we picked. So that it won’t be difficult for us having to carry it in case of emergency, we just had it ready on deck.

Approximately 20,000 people are injured every year in household fires, with over 4,000 losing their lives. Adequate preparation and proper equipments would have prevented the loss of many lives.

Know what to do in case of emergency. In emergency cases, time is a very important aspect in your survival. A small fire can become an inferno in only less than 30 seconds and only minutes for smoke to flood inside the house and swallow the entire house in flames.

Some suggestions on being prepared to escape in an emergency are to have an escape plan in place and practice once a month to be sure you will know what to do.This is especially important if you have children, elderly, disabled occupants and pets in the house. Set at least two approaches on how to escape from every room. If you are living in a multi-storey house or apartment, make sure that it has a collapsible ladder by the emergency exit or near the window.Check your windows to make sure they are not stuck, and if you have security bars on them, make sure they can be easily released and that every member of the family is educated on how to unlatch them. Smoke hoods may also be useful, as well as a flashlight by your side. If possible, put up a smoke detector on all levels of your house and have the batteries checked from time to time if they need replacements.

Your life comes first above all material things. So if it happens that your house is caught on fire, secure yourself and do not waste time saving your possessions as this may take your life.Immediately leave the home, taking the safest route.Designate a place for all family members to meet and account for everyone, assuring that all escaped safely and no one is hurt. Dial 911 after you got out. Do not attempt to go back inside the burning house.

These guidelines are easy and if you simply follow, it can have a significant impact on your life or your loved ones – either you get to live or die.

Currently, I don’t have to panic because I know that if me and my husband will stick to our emergency plan and with the help of our handy ladder, nothing will go wrong if we’re on deck!

Ensure that your loved ones are secure from possible fires by ordering Fire Emergency Ladders. Go to Safe Home and make sure to order Home Escape Ladders to guarantee the protection of the loved ones. You can keep your head at ease knowing that your folks are safer.

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