Creating Website Content That Will Increase Conversions

Communicate a clear roadmap

Make sure that the visitor an idea of the steps he will run. Communicate more than taking “a step”, “Step 2”, etc. Make sure the visitor knows what to expect in the various steps, such as calculating, completing personal, payment, delivery, last check and confirm. Always show a summary page. A visitor would like a list of choices before they actually request or purchase. Show why a summary of all information entered in each section and provides a button ‘Edit’.

Offer help when ordering

During checkout hook 60 to 70 percent of the potential buyers still off. That’s an awful high percentage. This can have many causes. For example, because the buyer has little confidence in the site because he was surprised by additional costs or because something is not entirely clear. Give buyers the opportunity to call a service number so they can be taken using at checkout. Enable a call center is expensive, but at this stage will certainly earn back. Place the number of the call center especially on the homepage, because then too many phone calls that only cost money and deliver little.

Testing, testing, testing

A website is never finished. Constantly test, such as by varying the price, the color of the order button or the lyrics to entice visitors to order. What better scores, “Order!” or “Start losing weight now!”. Constantly vary and measure so the site still further. Google has a free tool developed Website Optimizer.

The strength of the newsletter

Karel Geenen’s independent internet marketer and has a weekly e-newsletter to maintain contact with (potential) customers. “A newsletter is often used incorrectly. It is full of offers, but has little substance to offer. If you are a good bet newsletter, is the ideal way to build a relationship with people and gain their trust. In my own I give lots of free newsletter about Internet marketing. This show readers that I have knowledge of business, they trust me and sometimes client of mine. I have 1700 subscribers to the newsletter and that has me just last week seven new clients completed. Most of the people who have one week or ten are subscribed to the newsletter.

This demonstrates that a long-term project. This approach works for everyone. If you have an online computer store, not just limit yourself to offers but also give free tips in your newsletter, for example handy backup programs. Finally, do not expect visitors flocked to subscribe to your newsletter if you are only a block on your site occupied by their address to fill. I myself a pdf booklet about Internet marketing gift to new applicants, which works perfectly for people to convince. ”

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