Jon M Queen – the Green Enthusiast Background on Finance

Over 15 years of experience in the field of finance is what Jon M Queen boast of. As someone who has diverse knowledge on the investment processes, he has so far become a vital part of major companies across the world. Queen started his career as part of the John Hancock Financial Services that is based in New York. During this few years, he was considered as a major and active person in the field that focused on giving good investments to the clients. Prior to his employment with John Hancock, he was also a lawyer of the Latham and Watkins Company that also participated in major trading for both the public and private sectors.

In 2006, he left the company and joined the International Environmental Trading Group in Hong Kong. As Senior Vice President, he was instrumental to the investments of green industries that focused on the production of healthier and well off sources of power and energy. Eventually, Jon M Queen became the Executive Director of the Anemone Group, and he was later transferred to the East European section of the company. This was his move in 2008 that made him a resident of Ukraine as the company based their European operations on the area.

In Ukraine, he became a more active individual in the field of renewable energy. Jon M Queen is currently the Managing Director of the Jaspen Capital Partners that focused on giving the market good investments that really mattered. Three core programs are the focus of the Jaspen Group, and these are the investment banking, the trading sections, and the asset management programs. In addition to this, the company also involves in the carbon credit buying, which encourages the firms’ owners of the credits to produce less carbon production as this will affect their balance sheets.

At present, Jon M Queen is also considered as a major advisor to the National Agency of Ecological Investments, which also focused on giving manufacturing firms the major industry that focused on green trading. Prior to his joining the Jaspen Capital Partners, he also served under the Phoenix Capital investment Bank of Ukraine as the Director and also the Head of the International Sales Department of the company. Queen is a graduate of an Economics degree and a Juris Doctorate, and these were earned from Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania respectively. As someone who has had such vast experiences, and as an avid green advocate, he has so far succeeded in achieving his goal of introducing green investments to the region.

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